Advanced Factories

Your Must-go Place for Phone Case Production

With over a decade of invaluable experience, we take pride in leading the phone case industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced manufacturing processes enable us to produce phone cases efficiently and precisely.


Also, we boast an independent mold development, allowing us to create bespoke designs tailored to your preferences. With a vast warehouse inventory, we offer a low MOQ policy specifically perfect for small e-commerce businesses.

Mass Scale
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Fully Automated
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All in One
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Efficient Phone Case Supplier that Cover Your Needs


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Overview of Massive Phone Case Factories

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Accurate & Presice

Injection Molding Workshop

Funshare manages three workshops with over 150 sets of cutting-edge injection molding machines, allowing fast and well-calibrated injection molding.

We also use an assortment of PC, TPU, and other custom plastic materials with utmost efficiency.

R&D Initiatives

Mold Workshop

Innovation is key to leading the market in offering captivating phone cases ahead of the competition.

Funshare facilitates a modern R&D mold workshop that constantly develops new molds for phone cases, ensuring your business’ success in tarket markets.

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Advanced Technology

Printing Workshop

Funshare’s printing workshop employs an assortment of the most popular phone case printing techniques to finish the phone cases with elegance and style.

Along with over 20 color palettes, we own 3 cutting-edge laser engraving machines to enhance the aesthetic appearance of our cases.

Leading Efficiency

Packaging Workshop

We store numerous semi-finished phone cases in our warehouse, allowing our team to respond quickly to your orders for quick assembly and shipment.

It takes us only 3-5 days at the earliest to assemble the semi-finished phone cases in stock and ship them to you.

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Related Production Capabilities

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Lean Manufacturing

Our manufacturing principles in phone case production lower your cost by improving efficiency and  reducing material wastes.

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Quality Management

We implentment stringent quality control measures before, during and after the phone case production can ensure the protection features.

Full Customization

Full Customization

Offering variety of customization options for your brand can help expand customer base, and enhance revenue potential.