Quality Management


Wholesale Phone Cases You Can Trust

Building Trust and Credibility

We are a reputable phone case company providing excellent quality phone cases for 10 years, having successfully sold our cases to over 10 regions globally.

Costs and Efficiency Improvement

In the long run, our investment in quality control measures can actually help you reduce maintenance costs while increasing our productivity.

All-round Fit for All Phones

In phone case manufacturing, we have harsh and meticulous steps that can help improve the fintness of materials, buttons and printing of your finshed products.

Case Fit

Select the base case that matches the model and perform a 100% quality check.

Material Fit

Cut off the excess material by machine after ensuring a tight fit to the base case.

Button Fit

Perforate each button with great machine precision.

Printing Fit

Exquisite printing on the back side of the case with an advanced laser machine.

Our Reliable Phone Case Quality Guarantee


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New Mold Inspection

Originality Check

Meticulous mold inspection during the phone case manufacturing process guarantees that each case is to the correct specifications and meets your requirements.

Funshare practices a series of mold inspections, resulting in dependable and captivating phone cases your customers will enjoy and increase your sales.


Simulation on Actual Phone

Compatibility Check

Placing phone cases in various authentic situations allows us to see potential concerns with the cases and make sure they protect the phone perfectly.

With the help of precision testing equipment, we can simulate any situation phone cases can face for increased durability and protection.

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Production Process Inspection

Craftsmanship Check

Monitoring and implementing strict in-process quality control ensures that our process complies with industry standards that will strengthen your market hold.

Funshare’s trustworthy IPQC process has brought success to hundreds of customers worldwide, and your brand could be the next.


Finished Product Inspection

Performance Check

Running a final quality check before leaving our warehouse gives you the confidence that the phone cases will look and perform as expected.

Never skipping a beat, our inspectors conduct a final round of quality checks, ensuring that every case you receive is in perfect condition.

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