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Our team listens intently to your ideas, consults on the necessary steps to realize your vision, and produces a sample from the design we conceptualized. Follow us on this journey as we guide you to every step of production, from the drawing board to the final products.

Funshare has helped support thousands of businesses worldwide achieve great phone casess through our specialized manufacturing solution. We do our best to help our clients go above and beyond and exceed expectations that ultimately satisifies their customers!

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OEM Solution

Popular Phone Case Material

Choose from a range of high-quality materials to make your phone case stand out in the market to attract more consumers. From sleek leather, robust TPU and PC, to durable silicone, we have you covered.

Personalized Case Design

Add a touch of personality to your phone case with our wide selection of patterns. From bold stripes to delicate florals, find the perfect design to match your brand style, increasing more sales and market share effortless.

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personalized case design 022sonalized case design 022
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Full Color Options

Make your own brand statement with our wide range of color options for your phone case. Choose from classic black or white, or stand out with a bold, eye-catching hue.

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color option 02
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Add Your Logo as You Like

Showcase your brand logo on your phone case. Our customization options allow you to create a unique and memorable design to leave a lasting impression for broader audiences.


Make Every Case Fit

Get the perfect fit for your phone case with our selection of size and model options. Our phone cases are designed to fit snugly and securely, ensuring optimal protection on every phone model.

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Make Every Case Fit02
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Upgraded Case Packaging

Our custom packaging options add a special touch to your phone case. From personalized gift boxes to eco-friendly packaging, we offer a variety of choices to suit your needs.

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Worry Less and Sell More

Brand Promotion

Custom phone cases provide an excellent and afforadable opportunity to promote your business by adding your logo, slogan, or other branding elements.

Vital Protection

By creating a phone case that fits a specific phone model, you can ensure that customers' phones are protected from scratches, drops, and other damages.

Market Value

Unique and customized phone cases will allow you to expand into a wider market, impress and connect with more potential customers.

Positive Impact on Your Business

Increased Brand Awareness

Our custom phone cases can help your business increase your market visibility. When customers use their tailored-made phone cases in public, they help promote your business and increase brand awareness.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

With our customized phone cases, you can show consumers that you listen and care about their personalized experience. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth marketing.

Additional Revenue Stream

Through offering customized phone cases, you can consumers with more product choices. This can help your business generate additional revenue and offset production costs.


Highlighted Advantages

You can differentiate yourself from your competitors by delivering custom phone cases and offering a unique selling proposition. This can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract new customers.

Expert Support from Start to Finish


We take pride in designing and customizing phone cases with your own branding. It's a unique way to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Competitive Pricing

Offering a factory guide price for all orders, we ensure that your business receives bulk products in a shorter lead time and save money for your budget.

Marketing Support

We also support your marketing efforts by providing 3D images of the finished phone case for future promotion on social media or e-commerce.

Personalized Customer Service

Our elite service team is ready to offer support on design, customization and product recommendation, building trusted and long-term relationship with you.

Sustainable Cases

With sustainability and environmental responsibility at the forefront of our minds, we strive to develop more environmentally friendly phone cases.

Product Innovation

Staying up-to-date with the latest phone trends and technology, we develop 10-20 innovative phone case designs and patterns each week.


Customization Flexibility for Your Brand Only

Our custom case can help capture more potential customer in a broader market with multiple customization options and vivid printing.

Choose from our diverse patterns, materials and color of your case, as we strive to offer custom cases based on your specific needs and market preferences.

Sratch Resistance


Ultra Slim

Environmental Friendly

Color Diversity

Skin-friendly Touch