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Funshare is a reliable phone case company with more than ten years of experience creating cases for various devices. The knowledge we accumulated over the years enables us to create marketable cases with superior durability and eye-catching design, allowing you to tap into emerging innovative phone markets.

Solid Protection

Funshare iPhone cases are made of durable materials to provide Apple gadgets with superior protection from hard falls, bumps, moisture and daily usage.

Stylish Customization

You have complete control over your case's color, pattern, and finishes to make our Funshare iPhone cases attract your target buyers.

Functional Casing

We can add functions to all Funshare iPhone cases, including a metal frame protection, magnetic support, and heat dissipation, helping you satisfy market demands.

Safe & Stylish Phone Cases Designed by You

Showcasing Your Brand
By adding a custom pattern, color or logo to your phone case, your business can increase unique brand awareness and recognition among your target audience.
Personalized Protection
High level of appearance and features customization means that consumers can not only have a unique phone case, but also have peace of mind knowing that their device is extra safe and secure.

One-of-a-kind Phone Cases for Your Business

Our real-size phone model testing before mass production ensures 100% accuracy in making iPhone cases that fit specific models.

Germany Bayer TPU materials prevent Funshare iPhone cases from turning yellow over time, allowing for longer service time.

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Automated high-speed injection molding equipment within our certified factory floor can produce iPhone cases with less defects or deformations.

The construction of our iPhone cases and the option of flannel interiors provide Apple models with superior protection.

Leave the Hard Work to Us


Avoid inventory pressure when replenishing your stock with our low MOQ of 10-20 pcs of iPhone cases.

Free Sample

Receive a free sample of your iPhone case to get a detailed preview before proceeding to mass production.

Promotional Photos

We can offer attention-grabbing photos of your iPhone cases in HD format for marketing or brand promotion.

Eco-friendly Materials

Our iPhone cases are made of sustainable materials to make them environmentally safe.

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