10+ Years of Phone Case Design & Manufacturing Experience

Maximize Protection, Personality
and Profit with Our Phone Cases

Funshare is an expert manufacturer and wholesaler of phone cases with a diverse product line that includes TPU, PC, and PU leather cases. Our factory shines at R&D, customization and high efficiency, producing in a varied assortment of 10-20 innovative phone cases weekly.

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Unlock Next-level Phone Case Wholesale Experience

Funshare designs, manufactures, and supplies phone cases for all models with an excellent bulk inventory. We ensure cost-effectiveness, competent product development, consistent quality, and considerate after-sales service.

Our Products

Funshare offers an assortment of many kinds of phone cases. We carry phone cases that cover the latest  phone models.
Choose from our range of stylish metal, TPU, and leather cases. Our selection of phone cases is made from the finest materials in the market.

Boost Profits with Competitive Custom Phone Cases

We can satisfy in-stock and ODM/OEM supply for various kinds of customers, winning more potential customers with top-grade design and guaranteed quality.

Exclusive Brand Management

We provide high-quality phone cases that meet brand standards and offer multiple design options, such as logo printing and packaging design, to help your brand elevate branding effect and leave a lasting impression on your customers. We also offer innovative phone case designs that align with the lastest market trends.


Reliable Supply & Delivery

We offer competitive pricing, customization options, and consistent delivery for retaliers and wholesalers. Enrich your product inventory with our extensive phone case collection and benefit from our efficient production process to expedite your shipments. Our favorable MOQ also make a significant difference in increasing your sales at a lower cost.


Stand Out with Winning Cases

To increase your sales and customer base, we provide high quality product photos that you can use in your online store listings. Together with our unique customization service, we can cater to case fitness, colors and patterns requirements with guaranteed quality and efficiency. And our strong production capacity enables fast shipping to be your timely and honest supply chain.


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Sustainability Philopophy for Eco-Friendly Phone Case Materials

Funshare is guided by the simple philosophy that simplification can beautify the world. We’re looking for a more sustainable material for phone cases to underline environmental commitments.

Pushing boundaries in sustainability and material technology, we collaborate closely with you to develop a more sustainable thermoplastic polyurethane for phone case production.

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