Airpods Cases

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Elevate your AirPods experience with Funshare stylish and protective collection of AirPods cases. Crafted with premium materials and precision engineering, our cases are designed to complement your AirPods while keeping them safe and secure.


Typically made from durable materials to ensure long-lasting protection for the AirPods charging case against everyday bumps and knocks.

Custom Fit

Precisely engineered to fit the shape and size of the AirPods charging case, providing a snug and secure fit without interfering with functionality or access to charging ports.

Anti-Loss Features

Our AirPods cases come with features such as keychain attachments, helping users keep track of their AirPods case and prevent loss or misplacement.

Leave the Hard Work to Us


Whether you need only 10 Airpods cases or hundreds for your inventory, we have you covered.

Free Sample

Be the first to see our Airpods cases manufacturing expertise by requesting a free sample before mass production.

Promotional Photos

Make a lasting first impression on your customers with HD images of products you can use for marketing.

Eco-friendly Materials

We make our Airpods cases from sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices.

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