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Trust Us to be Your Samsung Phone Case Maker and Gain More Profit

Funshare is one of the experienced phone case makers that is familiar with the Samsung brand. We are capable of creating cases that provide better protection for Samsung phones. As one of the leading phone case companies, we can add additional functionality and styles to your Samsung cases to help you attract your target buyers.

Full Compatibility

Funshare Samsung cases can be built for specific Samsung models that allow full access to its buttons, camera lens, and fingerprint pad.

Reliable Durability

We utilize high-grade materials, including TPU, PC, and leather, to make our Samsung cases durable and resistant to physical damage.

Precision Engineering

Funshare engineers can create Samsung cases that offer robust functionality and protection to give you an edge over competitors.

Safe & Stylish Phone Cases Designed by You

Showcasing Your Brand
Our comprehensive customization service allows you to add customized patterns, colors, graphics, and logos to your Samsung cases, helping you build brand awareness.
Personalized Protection
Funshare has experience creating both functional and asthetic Samsung phone cases for specific models that appeal to your target buyers.

One-of-a-kind Phone Cases for Your Business

Our Samsung Cases are made of flexible TPU and PC materials, creating a snug and protective fit for various models.

Electroplating allows us to create luxurious metallic Samsung phone cases with dynamic and enhanced colors that are in demand in most markets.

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Funshare has a rich color palette for our cases, enabling you to create unique Samsung phone cases for your brand.

TPU materials make it possible to create Samsung phone cases that are 2mm thin, increase the comfortability factor while carrying.

Leave the Hard Work to Us

Easy MOQ

The low MOQ of 10-20 pcs of Samsung phone cases helps you ease inventory pressure.

Free Sample

Our free prototype can give you a hands-on preview of your customized Samsung phone cases.

Marketing Pictures

The Funshare promotional team can create beautiful pictures of your cases in HD for your market campaigns.

Eco-friendly Materials

Using sustainable materials, we ensure our Samsung phone cases are safe for the environment and humans.

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