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Bulk Magnetic Phone Cases Wholesale with Robust Function

Funshare magnetic phone cases allow end-users to add a wide range of magnetic accessories to their phones for functional or decorative purposes. We are one of China’s leading magnetic phone case companies due to our fully automated production line, allowing us to complete bulk orders on time.


N52 magnets, renowned for their exceptional strength, offer versatility unmatched by lower grades, making them suitable for diverse industrial applications.


N52 magnets outperform lower grades thanks to their superior strength, offering efficiency advantages. Even smaller N52 magnets can surpass larger magnets of lower grades.


N52 magnets excel in magnetic power, ideal for high-strength applications, boasting nearly 20% greater strength than N42 and over 50% more than N35 magnets.

Safe & Stylish Phone Cases Designed by You

Showcasing Your Brand
Funshare has extensive customization options, including color, graphics, logo, patterns, and shapes, to help you create a magnetic phone case that stands out in the market.
Personalized Protection
With the various protective features of our magnetic phone cases for specific models, you can attract a specific target market and increase your brand awareness.

Leave the Hard Work to Us

Favorable MOQ

Tap into a new market or replenish your supply of magnetic phone cases with our low MOQ of 10-20 pcs.

Free Proofing

We will send a sample of your custom magnetic phone cases to give you a hands-on preview before production.

HD Photos

We has experienced photographers who can create attractive images for your marketing purposes.

Green Materials

Our magnetic phone cases are eco-friendly due to our use of sustainable materials.

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