Metal Phone Cases

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Funshare’s metal phone cases include metal frames so that mobile phones can be tightly secured while being easy to shape and other design features. Working with us as your metal phone case makers enables you to receive custom designs and helpful branding support such as marketing strategies and materials.


Being easy to bend and cut, metals makes for excellent material to design uniquely shaped phone covers with a polished surface for smooth touch and durable build.


Removing any edges or burrs, Funshare’s advanced factory processes our metals and ensures the surface is clean and has a smooth texture for comfortable gripping.


Choose from a variety of patterns and colors as Funshare can coat our metal phone cases with vibrant or clear cases to bring out the beauty of your chosen designs.

Safe & Stylish Phone Cases Designed by You

Showcasing Your Brand
Coated with various colors and printed details, our phone cases can be customized to your preference, giving you unlimited options in how you want your branded phone cases to look.
Personalized Protection
With near-unlimited personalization capabilities and being easy to work with, metal can be shaped to align your imagination and still provide excellent protection thanks to our team’s engineering experience.

Leave the Hard Work to Us

MOQ As You Like

To reduce financial pressure for distributors and brands, you can order as low as 10-20 custom MOQ.

See the Design Early

As we release our free sample, we get your early feedback and guarantee your bulk custom metal phone cases.

Promotion Assistance

We offer multiple marketing services, including HD and 3D photographs for you to promote your brand.

Green Metal Materials

We only source from trustworthy suppliers that meet our strict standards for eco-friendly metals.

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