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Top-tier Quality Wholesale PC Phone Cases at Affordable Price

Funshare is one of China’s top phone case makers, thanks to our 10+ years in the industry. The mature supply chain we have sustained for a long time allows us to offer high-grade PC phone cases at competitive prices without sacrificing the quality. We are one of the phone case companies in China that can complete bulk orders efficiently and perfectly.

Impact Resistance

The materials of Funshare PC phone cases are durable and resistant to impacts, which provides consumer's phone with superior protection to fall damage.


Funshare PC phone cases have a lightweight construction that makes nearly all models of phones easy to carry while providing high-grade protection.

Superior Grip

Textured surface areas around Funshare PC phone cases allow end-users to handle their phone comfortably and further prevent the risk of accidental drops.

Safe & Stylish Phone Cases Designed by You

Showcasing Your Brand
Our business-oriented customization services include custom patterns, prints, colors, and logos for your Funshare PC phone cases. This service lets you create PC phone cases that strongly represent your brand.
Personalized Protection
Experienced engineers create PC phone cases that provide specific models with superior protection than generic cases, helping you attract your target customers.

Leave the Hard Work to Us

Approachable MOQ

We offer a low MOQ of 10-20 pcs in customization to ease your inventory pressure while achieving your goals.

Free Prototype

All customized PC phone cases qualify you for a free sample to give you a hands-on preview of your product.

Marketing Photos

Experienced photographers can take marketing pictures of your phone cases to help you build brand awareness.

Sustainable Materials

We use eco-friendly materials that are safe for the environment and end-users, such as renewable TPU.

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