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Equipped with the latest technology and with a stable supply network, Funshare’s factory produces large volumes of leather phone cases in unique styles at affordable prices. As your leather phone case maker, Funshare helps you focus on your business growth through our efforts to construct tailor-fit customized phone cases for your region.


Resistant to drops, cracks, bumps, and scratches, Funshare leather phone cases are built to last years and can be brought around anywhere without degradation.


Funshare leather phone cases are easy to hold thanks to the natural non-slip texture of leather to reduce accidental drops.


Funshare’s designers integrate your brand vision to trendy and preferred leather phone case looks thanks to our experience with diverse colors and patterns.

Safe & Stylish Phone Cases Designed by You

Showcasing Your Brand
Through our advanced printing options, we can realize different patterns to set your brand apart just from the shelf while our leather preserves these details for long periods.
Personalized Protection
We find durable leather suited for your region’s climate and market needs, ensuring that every leather case is built to last and can draw in a wider audience range.

Leave the Hard Work to Us

Competitive MOQ

Request as low as 10-20 custom leather phone cases for an easier purchase that is within your budget.

Free Sample

We bring our free samples to display the first design and help speed up the production process for your order.

Professional Photography

We will take care of high definition photos for product promotion so you can focus your marketing strategy.

Eco-friendly Leather

We make sure all our leather is ethically sourced and has been checked for defects and damages.

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