Funshare Participated in the Autumn Campus Job Fair for 2024 Graduates


Job Fair of University of Electronic Science and Technology , Zhongshan Institude

It is the fact that fresh graduates must face the employment pressure. And this is the focused issue in the daily life. In order to better fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise to the society, Funshare voluntary signed up to participate the campus job fair event in the official website of The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Zhongshan Institute. We aim to provide employment opportunities for graduating students and help them on their career development.

The job fair was held in the stadium of the University on the morning of December 7, 2023. On the morning, all the on-site support students got ready for the event. They helped companies for better preparation. After 9:00 am, the graduates trickled into the stadium, look confident and well prepared.


They came to our boost and communicated with us actively, they are initiative to ask questions about our company situation. They were curious about the phone accessories industry and would like to know more about the phone case we produced.  Also the students asked our company expectations on the candidates,  career development advice etc.


In order to build up our champion team, our company mainly offers two positions: one is Sales specialist, another is Alibaba Operation Specialist. It has attracted many fresh graduates in the major of International Trade for interview. During the communication, the candidates were very interested in our company ,buy in our culture and willing to join us.

Moreover, we are one of the company representatives to participate the meeting of “School- Enterprise Cooperation”. We have met with different  chambers of commerce representatives as well. They shared their point of view for promoting the graduates’ employment and discussed the direction for further cooperation between school and enterprise in the future. We are really benefited a lot from this meeting.



In the future, our company will continue to  responsible for our society, participate more in this kind of events, try our best to create value to the society, support and guide more and more graduates , finally create a win-win situation.



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